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Bopy Kids' shoes marron BEBOLT Leather Sandals Spring/Summer RY97023

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Bopy Kids' shoes marron BEBOLT Leather Sandals Spring/Summer RY97023

Bopy Kids' shoes marron BEBOLT Leather Sandals Spring/Summer RY97023
Product type Sandals
Season Spring/Summer
Manufacture Tunisia
Construction Vulcanized
Size reference 22
Colour Brown
Lining Leather
Upper/Ankle Leather
Insole Leather


The Bopy brand is more than a hundred years old and was founded by Pierre Humeau in 1905 in the west of France. His mum noticed the interest her son had for shoes, and so she decided to scrape together some of her meagre savings and had him follow an apprenticeship with the village’s cobbler. Pierre Humeau was then aged just 12 years old: nobody could have guessed that he would go on to found one the footwear industry’s most perennial brands, and then be able to transfer his passion to his descendents and the 140 strong workforce currently working for Bopy. The big speciality of the Bopy label is footwear for children, and especially for the period before walking and at the first steps. A scrupulously respected charter defines the principals of the shoes from the Bopy range: a shoe specifically developed for the shoe sizes 0 to 5, supple enough to adapt to different positions, with a reinforced end that protects the foot when moving about on all fours, a support at the heel to help protect the ankles, a rather thin sole and a not-too-chunky heel, a non-slip sole of course, and a discreet plant vault that supports the foot without deforming it. The materials in Bopy shoes are also carefully chosen: the upper part, the lining, and the in-soles are made of leather in order to favour comfort, suppleness and ventilation. Putting the shoes on has been designed to be as easy as possible so that the parents can take off baby’s shoes whenever. And lastly, Bopy shoes are decorated with irresistible designs so that they look as good as they feel!

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